Global Parliament of Mayors and Strong Cities Network Sign Partnership to Strengthen City Resilience


The Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) and the Strong Cities Network (SCN) have joined forces in a collaboration aimed at bolstering resilience in cities worldwide. Through a recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed at the Transatlantic Dialogue Initiative in Bratislava, these two influential organizations have formalized their commitment to supporting mayors and local governments in addressing pressing issues such as hate, extremism, polarisation, and crime while promoting social cohesion and human rights.

SCN, established in September 2015, boasts a network of over 230 cities and local governments dedicated to sharing knowledge and strategies for combating extremism and fostering inclusive communities. Acknowledging their shared objectives, both organizations have expressed a keen interest in collaborating to leverage their respective expertise and resources for the collective benefit of their networks. This collaboration has already seen fruitful interactions, including participation in key events such as GPM’s Annual Summit in Skopje and SCN’s Transatlantic Dialogue Workshop in Bratislava.

The MoU outlines several areas of collaboration, including the regular exchange of information on efforts to address various challenges faced by cities, inviting representatives to relevant meetings and conferences, and sharing resources and best practices. Additionally, both parties have committed to meeting quarterly to evaluate progress and explore further opportunities for cooperation.