Man allegedly vandalized cars at New Hampshire GOP convention, police say they found guns and ‘suicide manifesto’ at his home


Aman who was arrested for allegedly vandalizing almost a dozen cars outside of a New Hampshire Republican convention was denied bail after police found weapons and a manifesto at his home.

Police said 37-year-old Lawrence Anthony Dunlap keyed the cars on April 13 as Republicans were at a biennual event at the Christa McAuliffe Auditorium at Concord High School.

“It seems as if someone knew there was a Republican event going on at the high school, and this was their chance to tell Republicans they hate us,” said GOP delegate Di Lothrop at the time. “Divisiveness at its worst!”

Others reported threats made around the same time.

Concord Police Det. Sgt. Benjamin Mitchell said that they were able to obtain surveillance video of a suspect with a beard, long hair, and riding a long skateboard near the cars.

They identified the man as Dunlap and arrested him on Friday.

Police said a search warrant at his home “yielded firearms, a manifesto, suicide notes, and a bag containing zip ties, masks, and gloves.” A weapon described as a “medieval mace” was also found in the man’s belongings.

Deputy Chief John Thomas said that they found eight guns, including one AR-15.

He reportedly made political postings online, including one in which he referred to the rioting at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 as “domestic terrorism.” He also accused former President Donald Trump of being a dictator.

WMUR-TV reported part of the manifesto obtained through the search warrant.

“I can’t continue to exist for everyone else. I truly despite humanity and all the filth we have accepted as acceptable,” the manifesto read. “I’m sorry for the pain I know I will cause with this decision.”