Israel-Gaza war: China’s foreign ministry says Hamas and Fatah commit to dialogue after Beijing meeting

by Kawala Xie at

Hamas and Fatah have agreed to continue dialogues in an effort to end their internal division after attending talks in Beijing, China’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

The ministry confirmed the two Palestinian parties held meetings in Beijing as China stepped up the push for reconciliation between the rival factions amid the escalating conflict in Gaza.

“[Fatah and Hamas held an] in-depth and candid dialogue on promoting internal reconciliation in Palestine. The two sides fully expressed their political will to achieve reconciliation through dialogue and consultation, discussed many specific issues and made positive progress,” ministry spokesman Lin Jian said.

“They agreed to continue this dialogue process and strive for the early realisation of Palestinian unity and reunification.“

Both sides highly appreciated China’s firm support for the just cause of the Palestinian people to restore their legitimate national rights, thanked China for its efforts in promoting Palestine’s strengthening of internal unity, and reached agreement for ideas on future dialogues,” Lin said.