Will Professors At Furscience Be The Next To Applying For Membership With Biden’s New UAW?

by Conor Coughlin at substack.org

University professors and their student researchers have been flocking to the new UAW union, which is definitely not some antiquated union for American auto workers anymore. A new and expanded UAW union was formed back in 2022, which is now known as the UNITED AUTOMOBILE, AEROSPACE AND AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT WORKERS OF AMERICA.

Making the UAW union, the perfect vehicle to fight for Social Justice against the institutional discrimination and harassment that has been allowed to run rampant within the entire academic research industry. A new generation of social justice volunteers within the ‘high’ education community, have been stepping up to meet the challenge of a just, and fair workplace environments demanded by the students and volunteers from the greedy bureaucratic overlords seeking to force their Capitalistic hegemony on the good professors and their various NGO’s.

Competition for indentured servants has increased dramatically since Gov. Gavin Newsom began the expansion of his California Volunteers, to include 10 other state bureaucracies that have also begun offering lucrative volunteer packages. Or paid service opportunities for careers in sustainability, with one of Crooked Joe Biden’s many different Climate Corps regiments. But you better hurry, because this form of sustainability may expire in November of 2024.

As interdisciplinary scientists working tirelessly for Furscience, the dedicated staff at the International Anthropomorphic Research Project have also faced similar this harsh discrimination from their employers. Having endured over a decade of systemic bigotry by greedy university administrators, the interdisciplinary professors at the Furscience Universal Recruitment Project (FURP) know the challenges of recruiting new participants for their bizarre research studies.

When all academic study require a university’s Ethics Department approval in order to recruit new test participants, it can be a real challenge to overcome the institutionalized hatred against the normal people by the hierarchy at premier institutions. This is where the challenge of new-age unionism, begins to get a little fuzzy!

It involves the political intersection of money, sex and science in academia. Where the corporate media has pitted partisan local bureaucrats, against a vast community of international scientist that are conducting meaningful studies on the fetishes, fantasy and furry fandom industry. Which is one of the fastest growing fantasy industry on the planet, and may soon surpass the UN’s Climate Clown enterprise operated by OPEC.

While a tiny group of small-minded provincial authorities, seek to place one-sided barriers in the pathway of a truly progressive cadre of very deep-thinkers. This has grown into a full-blown scientific ‘civil war’, for control over the One World Government workforce. With the Furry’s remaining committed to sanity, and presenting a passionate plea for inclusion in a world dominated by bush-league spies.

As elite overlords unjustly seek to expand their unearned power, dedicated Fur Scientist are rejecting the traditional old-world economic models of the past. Furious fetish activist will no longer accept the unfair trade practices, from the pampered Big Government scientist that crafted their own public/private partnerships. Then used a powerful coalition of right wing con-artist, to force their dark agenda on an unsuspecting workforce that was unfamiliar with labor laws. Led by AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers to directly serve their own nonprofit organization interest, in making-money opportunities to advance Social Justice for old white people.

These are the type of OLD-WORLD leaders that sought dominion over nonprofit organizations, in order to strengthen their own form of democracy through absolute control over every single minority community. This was accomplished by offering huge financial incentives to multi-national corporate stakeholders, to pretend that DEI policies were protecting the rights of American workers.

It really didn’t matter the nature of the industry, any enterprise could be classified as belonging to the Agriculture Implement Workers union. If you can envision a hammer or sickle, then you can join the new imaginary Bolshevik Revolution.

Any employee that has successfully mastered the use a knife, fork or spoon, may be qualified as a ‘certified’ journeyman in a government-mandated low-skills industries of the future. Not wanting to limit careen advancement opportunities just to low-skill technicians, non-worker are also welcome to assist the Pentagon in advancing world peace and happiness to every corner of the globe.

Social Justice ministers applied their typical manner of US v. Them logic, for this new genre of advocacy. By forcefully responding to arguments that LGBTQ+ people who may support Gazans, are like “chickens for KFC” or “minks for fur”. Which is not a position that Fur Scientist would probably support, even if they did believe that homicidal Hamas fighters might gladly say “We will throw you from the roof, you homosexual dirt”. Not even the most empty-headed clown, would celebrate that type of rhetoric. Unless, there might be a pay-check provided by a major political donor.

That level of family-values comes from the true believers of the Utopian bathhouse variety, that appear to hate anyone equally. Especially, that segment of humanity that has yet to submit to the organizing efforts of a radical Queer anarch-populiist agenda, that is underway in rural populations residing in MAGA county.

As Americans head into the 2024 Presidential elections, they should pay vary close attention to the engineers driving the government’s crazy-train for equality. They may discover that groups like the “Union of Confused Scientist” have been spoon-feeding the public with same bullshit for over four decades, and pretending that they’ve been valiantly cultivating bureaucratic soil.

When in reality, the average Progressive scientist would have great difficulty in distinguishing the difference between an apple pie, and a cow-pie.