What is Gov. Newsom’s California Climate Action Corps and Why is He Expanding It?

by Katy Grimes at californiaglobe.com

California Governor Gavin Newsom, who isn’t running for President, refuses to seriously address what ails his state, instead focusing on shady, unaccountable, immeasurable issues like climate change, and the “equity” hoax. Newsom created the California abortion sanctuary state, legalized abortion/infanticide up until birth, authorized a trans sanctuary state allowing children to receive hormone blockers and chemical castration without parental consent, exacerbated the homeless crisis spending $24 billion only to gain more homeless, says he’s working on the thousands of fentanyl deaths, and has embraced illegal immigration, even providing health insurance for illegal immigrants. Newsom is also on board for the bottomless pit of high speed rail and Delta water tunnel(s), while frequently reminding the state’s residents to stop using so much water and energy.

Now he’s bragging about three new states “teaming up with California,” for his Climate Corps programs.

Newsom says he is “the state’s leadership in pioneering this nation-leading initiative.”

Apparently in “teaming up with California,” new states will be “providing thousands of young people with opportunities for climate action and careers in sustainability.”

A “career in sustainability” means little to nothing. That’s like saying you have a career in believability or significance.

Here is Gov. Newsom’s statement:

“We can’t go it alone in tackling the climate crisis. With these three states launching their own Climate Corps, we’re making climate action a reality in communities representing millions of Americans. Together, we’re mobilizing and organizing citizen climate action at a scale never seen before – and now we’ll begin to see its impact across the nation.”

WHAT CHIEF SERVICE OFFICER JOSH FRYDAY SAID: “When Governor Newsom launched California Climate Action Corps in 2020, we aimed to mobilize and organize civilian climate action at scale and spark similar movements across the country. In a few short years, we have seen thousands of Californians take climate action and their success is inspiring the nation.”

HOW WE GOT HERE: As a part of California’s comprehensive strategy to address the climate crisis, Governor Gavin Newsom created the California Climate Action Corps in 2020 – providing a case study on the success of climate-based and statewide service programs that empower climate action through volunteer and fellowship opportunities.

What is this California Climate Action Corps launched in the middle of Newsom’s Covid lockdowns?

Here is what the Climate Action Corps website says:

In California, climate change is a growing threat to systems and people across the state. The impacts to our environment and health are worsening as we experience longer and more frequent droughts, devastating wildfires, and more. Each of us has a role to play. You can take meaningful action today to help communities across our state.