“Trans” Cult Exposed as Phony by Cass Report, But Will Die With Its Child-mutilating Boots On

by Selwyn Duke at selwynduke.com

When Hiroo Onoda, the last Japanese soldier to surrender after WWII, saw pamphlets dropped by the United States stating the war was over, he thought it was a trick by the enemy and continued fighting, hiding, and killing in the Philippine jungle — for 29 years. It was only when his wartime commander traveled to his remote location in 1974 and ordered Onoda to lay down his arms that he gave up the battle and returned to Japan.

If only the “transgender” cultists were so reasonable.

While their cause was never more noble than Imperial Japan’s, their die-hards fight on, even in the face of yet another scientific report — this one issued by a leading pediatrician — stating that giving children SDTs (Sexual Distortion Treatments, e.g., puberty blockers) is unwise and dangerous.

In a nutshell, the “report by paediatric consultant Dr Hilary Cass has made 32 recommendations, including: calling for the ‘unhurried’ care of those under 25 who think they may be transgender; an end to the prescribing of powerful hormone drugs to under-18s; and early help for primary school children who want to socially transition,” related The Telegraph April 10.

You can read the entire news piece if you wish, but know that this latest study is not unique. In fact, The New American and other honest sources have for years reported on the data, research, expert pronouncements, and whistleblower revelations demonstrating that SDT interventions may actually increase confused kids’ suicide rate, are driven largely by ideological and profit motives, have no scientific basis, and generally do more harm than good.