Bears Reveal What Their New Stadium Will Look Like And It’s Absolutely Gorgeous …. But There’s One Major Problem


Chi-Town has some very serious decision-making to do.

The Chicago Bears revealed Wednesday a proposal worth around $5 billion for an enclosed stadium, located next to Soldier Field — where they currently play. It will be featured in a huge project that would completely change the look of the Chi’s lakefront, and quite frankly, the whole thing is gorgeous.

But there’s one major problem: The franchise wants public funding to make the stadium a reality. Um … come again?

The Bears want exactly $3.2 billion to build the stadium, as well as an extra $1.5 billion for infrastructure. The project will add green, open space, improve access to the Museum Campus and feature a publicly owned hotel — nothing at all that affects the public directly. Well, other than the taxpayer being sucked dry.

“This is not an easy project, but Chicago doesn’t like it easy,” said Bears president Kevin Warren.

Hell of a quote …