Viewers of ITV’s Gary Glitter documentary say it was ‘hard to watch’ as paedophile’s crimes featured in the show made them feel ‘physically sick’ and surpass other showbiz beasts


Viewers of ITV‘s Gary Glitter documentary have revealed they found the show ‘hard to watch’ and made them feel ‘physically sick’. 

Audiences have shared their disgust over the paedophile’s ‘vile’ crimes that feature in the Glitter: The Popstar Paedophile documentary after it aired on ITV1 last night, with some claiming the disgraced pop star was ‘worse’ than Jimmy Savile

Gary Glitter, 79, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was jailed for 16 years in 2015 for sexually abusing three schoolgirls between 1975 and 1980.

He attacked two of the girls, aged 12 and 13, after luring them backstage to his dressing room and isolating them from their mothers. His third victim was less than 10 years old when he crept into her bed and tried to rape her in 1975. 

The extent of these crimes as well as others that Glitter committed across the globe were laid bare in the documentary which also featured historical victim testimonies and interviews with those who met him on the showbiz circuit.

Reacting to the documentary on X, formerly Twitter, one person wrote: ‘Watching the #GaryGlitter documentary on @ITV1 was harder than I thought it would be.’

Another shocked viewer added: ‘The Gary Glitter programme is a tough watch. To think he was a hero when I was a kid.’ 

One woman said she felt ‘physically sick after watching that documentary’

Another distressed user added: ‘This documnetary on #ITV about #GaryGlitter is absolutely sick making. He was worse than Savile – young toddlers.’