Earth Day Education Head: Climate Education for Kids Builds Green “Muscle Memory”

by Eric Worrall at

Earth Day Director of Education and former Montgomery County Public Schools Education Head Bryce Coon wants to build even more climate awareness into the education system.

Earth Day 2024: ‘Green muscle memory’ and climate education promote behaviour change

Published: April 19, 2024 6.52am AEST
Preety Sharma Fellow, Dalla Lana Journalism and Health Impact, University of Toronto
Ayeshah Haque Fellow, Dalla Lana Journalism and Health Impact, University of Toronto

This year, organizers of Earth Day are calling for widespread climate education as a critical step in the fight against climate change.

Despite people’s deep connection to their local environment — whether it’s blackouts in Toronto caused by raccoons, communities gearing up for a total solar eclipse lasting only minutes, chasing northern lights or hundreds of Manitoba kids excited about ice fishing — there remains inertia in climate action. 

Sparking global momentum and energy in young people can go a long way to addressing climate change now and in the near future, says Bryce Coon, author of the report and Earth Day’s director of education.

In his report, Coon outlines the benefits of climate education, starting with supporting educators to impart “green muscle memory” — habits, routines and attitudes young people develop to perform eco-friendly actions repetitively and consistently. This, he notes, contributes to alleviating climate-related despair and anxiety.