MASSIVE Fraud: IRS Employees Caught Stealing Millions from COVID ‘Relief’ Funding

by Warner Todd Huston at

The fraud in the absurd and wasteful COVID Relief funding packages that Congress passed during the worst of the scamdemic was monumental, so bad that even IRS employees were caught stealing millions.

report by government watchdog Judicial Watch reveals just how bad the fraud and waste was in the fake COVID “relief” programs.

Judicial Watch notes that the Justice Department created a special COVID-19 Fraud Enforcement Task Force (CFETF) to look into the fraud that started in three years ago when Congress passed the American Rescue Plan of 2021.

This was a massive block of two TRILLION in spending designed to help Americans suffer through the very lockdowns and other needless restrictions that the government itself imposed on us all. It was needless “relief” heaped on top of needless policies.

The government has identified more than $2 billion lost to fraud. And that is just what they have found thus far.

To date, the investigations have netted 3,500 defendants, 400 disputes, and judgments resulting in $100 million.

There was fraud and abuse throughout the country, but let’s start with Joe Biden’s thoroughly corrupt Internal Revenue Service.

Per Judicial Watch:

Even government employees have defrauded the system. Back in the fall of 2022 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees got charged with stealing over a million dollars from pandemic relief programs to buy luxury goods, fancy cars, and travel. Five employees from the feared tax agency in Tennessee and Mississippi easily withdrew the money by filing false loan applications with two of the federal stimulus programs, PPP and EIDL. Federal authorities say they used the illegally obtained pandemic relief funds to buy expensive designer clothes (Gucci), a fancy imported car (Mercedes-Benz), jewelry, trips to Las Vegas, manicures, and massages. The leftover cash got deposited into personal investment accounts.