Cities Climate Leadership Group: The Dementia is in the Details

by Thomas Buckley at

First off, despite the headline, this article is not about Joe Biden.

But is about something as nearly as terrifying as having a rattled and addled president leading the free world.

It’s about the  C40  Cities Climate Leadership Group, a group of 96 cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, that have come together to try to figure out how to end western civilization as we know it.

Well, that’s not exactly their slogan or mission or even vision statement, but the policies advocated by the group would pretty much do that.  Technically, their “statement of principles” is as follows:

C40 is committed to being an equitable, diverse and inclusive organization.

Not only in the way we recruit, manage and develop our international workforce, but also in the manner in which we work with C40’s nearly 100 member cities worldwide. 

To succeed in our mission of helping the world limit global heating to 1.5°C and building healthy, equitable and resilient communities, we are working to deliver a future where everyone, everywhere, can thrive. 

This vision can only be achieved with a diverse workforce and an inclusive mission.

The group started as a talking shop amongst big cities about how to end climate change – it has morphed into something a bit more powerful and consequential in the past few years.

While it tries to hide as much as possible behind incomprehensible buzzword globalist jargon, C40 is rather hellbent on changing the world and they may have the money to do it.  The funders and partners are a who’s who of the internationalist socialist socialite state,  from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to of course, the Clinton Foundation, to various government agencies all the way to a company called Arup – they’re helping California build high speed rail and they don’t recognize the existence of Taiwan (they list their Taipei office as being in “Greater China” and California still hired them) so you know they’re on the up and up and improving the lives of regular folks.