Solar Energy made Simple, Safe, and Affordable

There’s never been a better time for Washington residents and businesses to invest in Solar Energy.


Solarize is a nonprofit-sponsored solar energy group purchasing model used to reduce costs and simplify the solar installation process. In 2024, this program is available to residents in Skagit County, WA.​

Skagit County Solarize Sponsor

Skagit Valley Clean Energy Alliance is a 501 c3 non profit organization. Our core purpose is to promote and produce local and regional renewable energy and to foster sustainable and self reliant local communities. Together we can reduce our carbon consumption and advocate for a greener future.

Interest in Solar is at an All-Time High

That’s why the Solarize program exists to secure discounted prices, vetted installers, and an easy customer experience all at once! In preparation for Solarize 2024, Olympia Community Solar held a competitive bidding process to secure solar installers, and partnerships with local financial institutions for optional financing. Our team vetted and negotiated special pricing with our installer partners and developed educational materials and seminars.  Solarize is helping to make the Solar purchasing experience simple, secure, and affordable!

Act by July 4th, 2024

Residents and businesses of select Washington Counties can access solar at prices below market rates until July 4th, 2024, thanks to the Solarize group-purchasing program.