Exclusive—Sen. Bill Hagerty: Time to Close the Loophole Allowing Foreign Billionaires to Interfere in Our Elections

via breitbart.com

After years of hysteria over Russiagate and alleged foreign influence in American elections, you might be surprised to learn that—despite a federal ban on foreign-national contributions in U.S. elections—Democrats’ efforts in recent election cycles to retake the White House and Congress were fueled by half-a-billion dollars from a shadowy foreign billionaire with a stated goal of turning the U.S. Constitution into a left-wing political tool.

This week I’m introducing the Preventing Foreign interference in American Elections Act to close this foreign-influence loophole. My legislation would prohibit foreign nationals from circumventing the current ban and from funding voter mobilization operations, election administration, or ballot measures.

As with so many aspects of American politics, it’s important to watch what Democrats do, not what they say. Four years ago, Joe Biden proclaimed that “[f]oreign interference in the U.S. electoral process represents an assault on the American people and their constitutional right to vote.” Chuck Schumer repeated George Washington’s warning that “foreign interference [in our elections] is one of the most baneful foes of Republican government.” Nancy Pelosi intoned: “Our Founders were specifically intent on ensuring that foreign entities did not undermine the integrity of our elections.”

That’s why federal law bars foreign nationals from contributing to U.S. political campaigns, political parties, and campaign ads. But this hasn’t stopped a Swiss billionaire named Hansjorg Wyss from attempting to reshape American politics through the election of Democrats.


Decades ago, Wyss donated directly to Democrat candidates and political action committees, apparently in violation of law, but in recent years he has developed more sophisticated techniques for unleashing roughly $500 million to influence American elections.