Alvin And His Chipmunks Have Nothing To “Bragg” About

by Milt Harris at

If stupidity were contagious, Alvin Bragg would be in quarantine. Bragg suffers from a common ailment that has infected most of the left. Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is real, and one of the main symptoms is political blindness. Bragg is living proof that this blindness can be so intense that it affects rational brain function—so much so that it can cause a person to literally invent charges to bring against another American citizen. 

In the real world, this case would never have been filed

The truth is that four lawsuits have been filed against Trump, and all of them are politically motivated. This comedy act, Bragg, has chosen to waste taxpayers’ money on is undoubtedly the weakest of the four.

Legal experts on both sides of the issue have been left confused about the validity of the case. It’s not just a clever cliché to say that the charges have been “Trumped” up; they can honestly be described as absurd, ridiculous, or unfounded. In short, this is a frivolous case being brought by a man who wants his fifteen minutes of fame and an ex-porn star who is desperate to remain relevant. Unfortunately, neither of them has ever been relevant, and this farcical trial has no chance of changing that.

In the real world, this case would never have been filed. However, our country now has a terribly tiered justice system, which is disturbing to come to grips with. As a result, “true justice” cannot be guaranteed, and it is often based on politically motivated positions rather than facts.

Constitutional law expert Hans von Spakovsky stated “If Alvin Bragg had charged Donald Trump with illegally eating a ham sandwich, they would find him guilty, he is going to get a totally biased jury.”