Socialist Mayor Orders Shut Down of Nigel Farage Conference in Brussels


A socialist mayor in Brussels ordered police to shut down the National Conservatism Conference being held in the city while Brexit leader Nigel Farage was speaking on Tuesday.

UPDATE 1500: Former French presidential candidate and the leader of the populist Reconquête (Reconquest) party Éric Zemmour has reportedly been barred from entering the National Conservatism Conference by police in Brussels. NatCon said that Zemmour’s “keynote address will, unfortunately, be postponed, possibly indefinitely.”

UPDATE 1420: Nigel Farage has claimed that the Tunisian owner of the venue hosting the National Conservatism Conference has been threatened by Brussels officials “that if he carries on with this conference, they’ll make sure he will go out of business” and that “his wife is being threatened”. “This is what we are up against,” Mr Farage told the NatCon audience.