In Sri Lanka: Effort to repeal anti-sodomy statutes derailed, thanks to local MassResistance pro-family activists.


In August 2023, MassResistance reported that the country of Sri Lanka, a nation of religiously diverse people, was being pressured by Western countries to repeal its long-standing laws regarding homosexual behavior. The aim was to force Sri Lankan society to be “LGBT-friendly.”

The laws in question, which date from the British colonial period, criminalize “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” and “any act of gross indecency” between persons.

However, the prescribed penalties are rarely imposed. As in many locales around the world, these laws act as a barrier to keep homosexuality and transgenderism from being normalized and accepted in society.

Thus, LGBT behaviors cannot be taught in the schools or promoted to children or as part of any “sex education” curriculum. There can be no “gay marriage,” same-sex civil unions, or any gross public display of homosexual behaviors. Even “gender identity” ideology is banned.

Nevertheless, LGBT organizations are allowed to operate openly in Sri Lanka, and even hold “pride” parades. But they cannot include naked bodies or any of the other disgusting sights one sees at those events in Western countries, and the groups are not involved in any way with the government.

The intense efforts to repeal these laws came from the United Nations, along with public and private money from the US, UK, Canada, and other countries. They funded local LGBT groups to conduct an organized pressure campaign, and also exerted direct international political pressure.