Viral Woman Hugging Trump Says Fellow Attendee Received ‘Severe’ Bullying, Ostracized After Participating


Michaelah Montgomery, the woman who went viral hugging former President Donald Trump at Chick-Fil-A, stated Friday on Fox News that another fellow attendee received “severe” bullying and was ostracized after asking Trump for a picture.

Montgomery appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss her recent interaction with Trump and the aftermath for fellow attendees. Fox guest host Rachel Campos-Duffy asked Montgomery about a fellow attendee who reportedly received pushback from classmates after attending the event.

“So unfortunately the young Spelmanite, who enjoyed utilizing her opportunity to take a picture with the president, has faced some severe cases of bullying ever since then. She is being ostracized from her community. People are claiming that she made a mockery of her institution. And, you know, how dare she take a picture with a man like Trump,” Montgomery stated.

“It really speaks to college – especially an HBCU –  it’s supposed to be a space where Black people can go and express themselves freely without feeling like they have to be a certain way to be accepted by their colleagues,” she continued. “Because that, unfortunately, is how we feel when we are in non-Black spaces and we feel the need to code switch.”

Montgomery said that while the attendee never came out as a “Trump supporter,” she was still villainized over asking for a photo. The ‘Conserve The Culture’ founder said Trump took time to speak to “each and every student” about what matters to voters and how he could earn their vote.