WATCH: CNN Reporter Has Major Freudian Slip Discussing Death of OJ Simpson

by Ben Kew at

A CNN reporter appeared to have a major Freudian slip on Thursday when discussing the death of former football star OJ Simpson.

Simpson passed away on Thursday, aged 76, following a battle with prostate cancer. Despite his success on the sports field, his life was defined by his acquittal of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman following a highly publicized criminal trial.

Often described as the “Trial of the Century,” the process exposed the deep racial divisions within American society. Despite being found not guilty, many experts agree that he did commit the murders. 

Summarizing his life, CNN reporter Stephanie Elam appeared on the brink of suggesting that many people just wanted to see a black man get away with murder: It’s also just worth noting how much was impacted by this trial, Jake. So many things happened. We saw policing changing here in the city, and it’s also worth noting because of that unrest, that racial unrest in the 90s, that is why so many people, who may not have been invested in O.J. Simpson, were just happy to see that someone who is rich and famous, and black, could get away with… er… with what other people did in the system, as well, too.