New State Department Diversity Chief Calls America a “Failed Historic Model” with ‘Colonizing Past’ (Video)

by Margaret Flavin at

Last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the appointment of Zakiya Carr Johnson as the State Department’s chief diversity and inclusion officer.

Carr Johnson has previously called America a “failed historic model” and demanded the destruction of traditional structure “at every juncture.”

Blinken touted Carr Johnson’s prior experience as a senior adviser to Barack Obama and director of the first Race, Ethnicity, and Social Inclusion Unit at the State Department.


“Her previous work promoting entrepreneurship and access to opportunity for underrepresented populations, as well as her commitment to inclusive leadership, make us stronger, smarter, and more innovative,” he said.

Fox News reports that Carr Johnson’s prior experience includes ” running two relatively obscure companies – Odara Solutions, a DEI consulting firm, and Black Women Disrupt, an initiative in which Carr Johnson interviewed Black women involved in creative spaces around the world. Its YouTube channel had 125 subscribers.”

In a now-deleted article, Carr Johnson wrote:

“In those board rooms, in the tight knit working group, in the advocacy and activist spaces and in grand bureaucracies, there are mechanisms and cultures which dispute the humanity and ability of people like me to be trusted to lead.  This happens, not because we are unprepared or unwilling, but because the rules created in our organizations and baked into their very foundations, are often riddled with racism, patriarchy and exclusion.  These are chinks in the armor of traditional leadership that refuse to reconcile with a colonizing past, or recognize that time has run out for experimentation and tweaking of a failed historic model.”

Carr Johnson has also complained that “female-directed” initiatives have a downside….too many White women are able to advance.