Illegal Aliens Tell Media They are Rushing to Jump the Border In Case Donald Trump Wins Election

by Warner Todd Huston at

Illegal aliens are telling the media that they are rushing the border because they are afraid that Donald Trump might win the election in November.

According to the Free Press, illegals are hyper aware that if the election goes to Donald Trump their open door will be firmly closed int their faces.

“If it’s Trump, it doesn’t matter how much I work or want to work. They won’t let me in,” one illegal alien told paper.

Another illegal who has been trying to get to the U.S. border from Caracas for eight months added that if Biden “doesn’t win, I can’t imagine what will happen.”

Joe Biden told the world that if he won the 2020 election, he would utterly erase all the limits that Donald Trump placed on illegals. And he absolutely fulfilled that promise.

The world knows that Joe Biden has created an entirely open border and that there are no restrictions whatever for illegals as they cross the border into the U.S.A.

He has created a criminal’s paradise where rapists, drunks, drug dealers, thieves and murderers are welcome into our country with open arms.

But, while illegals might be all in favor of Joe Biden’s border policies, Americans mostly are not.

An AP-NORC poll discovered that nearly 70 percent of voters disapprove of Joe Boden’s border policies.