Former Conservative MP Targeted by CCP Says He Feels ‘Betrayed’ by Canadian Government

by Margaret Flavin at

A former Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Member of Parliament, Kenny Chiu, recently shared concerns after learning he was the target of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents.

During a public inquiry looking into alleged meddling in Canada’s two most recent federal elections by the CCP, Chiu learned he was a target of the CCP and shared, “I have been betrayed.”

Adding, “That is how I see it.”

Rebel News reports that Chiu testified that the federal government “left him to drown” when Chinese agents allegedly targeted his campaign.

“The government doesn’t seem to care,” Chiu said on Wednesday at the Commission on Foreign Interference.

“There is a strong case to be made there was a degree of influence exerted by an outside actor in the Chinese community during the 44th general election,” alleged the Conservative Party in a secret Memorandum For The Clerk Of The Privy Council.

Lifesite News reports:

According to Chiu, he was never shown copies of any security warnings that he was a target of CCP agents. He subsequently lost his re-election in 2021 to the Liberal candidate Pam Bains by 3,477 votes.

In the past, Chiu had suspected that there were indeed CCP operatives working to undermine his campaign.

The Foreign Interference Commission, as it is known is being headed by Justice Marie-Josée Hogue, who had earlier said that she and her lawyers will remain “impartial” and will not be influenced by politics and began on January 29.

In January, Hogue said that she would “uncover the truth whatever it may be.”

Numerous internal memos have been released by the Commission that show that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) as well as others deemed that Chiu was indeed targeted by foreign agents of the CCP.

When asked by Commission Counsel Matthew Ferguson asked if he was “aware of any of these reports at the time? A clearly concerned Chiu replied, “No.”