Stanford Mathematics Education Professor Who Got Algebra Banned in SF Now Accused of ‘Reckless Disregard for Accuracy’

by Leslie Eastman at

Legal Insurrection has previously reported on Stanford Education Professor Jo Boaler, who was a leader behind the ongoing effort to change the math curriculum framework in California that includes, in part, increasing equity, pushing Algebra 1 back to 9th grade, and applying social justice principles to lessons.

In fact, she was a leading advocate for removing algebra from the San Francisco middle school curriculum.

“We’re not changing or lowering the standards. We’re outlining how inequitable the teaching of math is right now,” said Jo Boaler, a Stanford University math education professor at the forefront of the changes.

March 2024 has not been kind to Boaler. To begin with, on “Super Tuesday,” voters in San Francisco reversed the change in the mathematics curriculum. By over 80% of the vote, the city’s schools must offer Algebra I in 8th grade—overruling the woke ban on the course imposed in the name of racial “equity.”

Now, she is facing allegations of “reckless disregard for accuracy” in her work. An official academic complaint has been filed with Stanford University’s provost and dean of research.