How The Inner-City Can Spearhead A Positive Revolution

by Rick Hayes at

The March 25th murder of NYPD officer Jonathan Diller is at the top of the list of avoidable tragedies that are befalling New Yorkers on a routine basis. Still, it is a symptom of a more pernicious underlying disease called leftism.

When leftist Democrats expressed that it was okay to throw water on NYPD officers, that it was not a big deal, the crack in the dam was widened. It was only last month that two NYPD officers were kicked and beaten mercilessly while trying to arrest thugs on a crowded Manhattan street, and the perpetrators were let go after being briefly detained. And now, Officer Diller will never go home—godless leftist escalation on display.

In recent months, things have deteriorated to where women in New York City have been randomly assaulted on the streets, and it is becoming increasingly common to learn that another NYC subway rider has been ceremoniously tossed onto the subway tracks in front of an oncoming train.