Only an ‘Educated’ ‘Expert’ Could Give Advice This Bad

by Mike Konrad at

Sometimes, you see things that one cannot believe.  It is as if recent history means nothing.

The National Institute of Health is considering the effectiveness of an opioid (Tramadol) for depression.  The USA is still in the midst of an opioid crisis, and our edumacated experts are considering opioids as a treatment option?!

Tramadol: A Missed Opportunity for the Treatment of Depression

There are more than 50 citations appearing in peer-reviewed biomedical and patent literature documenting the efficacy of tramadol as an antidepressant in animal models and in humans.

Now, Tramadol is at the lower end of the spectrum for opioids.  So the theory is that it might not be so addictive.

[C]omparatively 100 mg of Tramadol equals 10 mg of morphine. The idea that it is a weaker and less addictive opioid is, therefore, misunderstood.

The patient testimonies are rosy and positive.  Sounds familiar?  Remember this rousing commercial for oxycontin in 1998, where the consumer was assured, “Don’t be afraid to take what they give you”?