Bill Kristol Laments Biden Attending ‘Fancy’ Fundraiser While Trump Goes to a Slain NYPD Officer’s Wake


Never Trumper Bill Kristol lamented the bad optics for Democrats as President Joe Biden chose to go to a multi-million dollar fundraiser in New York City hosted by Hollywood celebrities while former President Donald Trump attended a wake for a young New York City police officer killed on duty.

“An unfortunate day politically for the Democrats,” Kristol posted on X.

“Biden does a fancy NYC fundraiser in the midst of chaotic left-wing street protests–looks like limousine liberalism plus the breakdown of law and order,” he added, referring to mass protests outside of the fundraiser by activists opposing the Biden administration’s support for Israel.

He continued: “And Trump attends the wake of a slain NYPD police officer on Long Island.”

The star-studded event also featured former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. All three sat for a panel moderated by comedy show host Stephen Colbert. The panel was reportedly interrupted six times by protesters. It was described as a “grassroots fundraiser” by Biden, but reportedly brought in $25 million.

A former Obama adviser, David Axelrod, agreed with Kristol, but added that the money would “probably mean more” than the look.