San Fran Sued: Woke City Puts 1.2 BILLION Gallons of Sewage Into Bay YEARLY

by Selwyn Duke at

A person obsessed with gambling may focus on it so much, and squander so much money, that his family’s needs remain unmet. Such is the result of obsession — including when that obsession is wokeness.

Some may wonder if this explains why San Francisco, which devotes time and money promoting political correctness, isn’t fulfilling basic government responsibilities — such as ensuring that billions of gallons of sewage and other waste don’t end up in its bay. This not only is happening, but has now resulted in the Golden Gate City being sued by an environmental watchdog organization.

American Thinker frames the story:

San Francisco has long been at the forefront of all things progressive: it was one of the first locales to begin decriminalizing marijuana, which of course devolved into the druggie free-for-all it now is; home to pederasts like Harvey Milk, the LGBTQ++ community, no matter how obscene (Folsom Street Fair) is always celebrated; it’s home to social programs like GIFT, which isn’t just ordinary welfare, but a handout that can pay out as much as $21,600 per enrollee and is exclusively for “trans” people; and the city has an official “Poop Patrol” department to clean up all the human fecal matter plopped around the sidewalks thanks to the sizable vagrant population.

Add to this that Frisco also instituted plastic straw, bag, and water-bottle bans; prohibited e-cigarettes (which can help people kick tobacco habits); had once banned city-funded travel to non-sexual devolutionary states; banned the pre-fall-from-grace Boy Scouts from government schools; and is a “sanctuary city,” and it explains why a commentator wrote years ago that the metropolis is “more politically correct than liveable.” And perhaps this is now true for the Bay, too.

This brings us to the Left-suing-Left lawsuit.