Washington State: Elderly Woman Barred For Life From YMCA Pool Over Man In Women’s Changing Room Threatens Legal Action

by Fuzzy Slippers at legalinsurrection.com

You may recall the contemptible treatment of  Julie Jaman, a then-80-year-old woman, by the Port Townsend’s Mountain View Pool. She was banned for life from the pool, where she had been swimming for 35 years without incident, because she objected to a male ogling girls and women in the women’s changing room.

Even the LGB (without the T) community later jumped to Julie’s defense after trans activists shouted down the poor woman and got #LetJulieSwim trending on Twitter (X).

As I noted at the time, the look on Julie’s face as she realizes she’s being shouted down is just heart-breaking.

We are now learning that Julie is threatening to sue unless the ban is lifted. She is also reportedly seeking an apology as well as $350,000 in damages for the distress caused her by this patently unfair, morally wrong, and potentially actionable conduct by the parties involved.

The Peninsula Daily News reports:

On Tuesday, the Virginia-based Center for American Liberty sent a letter to Port Townsend City Manager John Mauro, Kendra Rosenberg, an attorney with the law firm Kenyon Disend, and Olympic Peninsula YMCA CEO Wendy Bart alleging violations of state and federal laws and demanding restorative actions.

“To remedy the unlawful conduct against my client, I demand the following: (1) the City and the YMCA lift the ban against Jaman; (2) the City and the YMCA issue a formal apology to Jaman for their actions against her; and (3) the City and the YMCA pay Jaman the sum of $350,000 for her emotional distress arising out of the incident,” wrote Harmeet Dhillon, founder and CEO of CFAL.

The letter demands a response by Wednesday, March 27, at 5 p.m.