Top U.N. Official Says White People Need to be Stripped of Any Power

by Warner Todd Huston at

A top U.N. official says that white people need to be stripped of all power, proving once again why the U.N. needs to be abolished.

The United Nations’ Secretary-General António Guterres personally selected Pakistani-American Ayisha Siddiqa as one of his top “climate” advisers to push the extremist, anti-western, anti-modernity — and now anti-white — U.N. climate agenda. And now this racist commie is publicly revealing just how extreme she really is.

The Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change, the group that Siddiqa heads up, is supposed to come up with “practical and outcome-focused advice” on how to deal with the fantasy of climate change.

So, what is one of the “practical and outcome-focused” values has for the world?

Get rid of all those darn white people, she says.

Not too racist, huh?

So, why did this cretin join the U.N.? Was it to “save duh earf” from globaloney?

Nope. It was to destroy the west. Don’t just believe me. Believe her own, warped, hateful words.

Per Fox News:

“You want to know why I got into climate activism, it wasn’t because I wanted to protect the environment (although that is a very valid reason). I became involved [because] the West slaughtered, bombed and starved my people to death in the name of oil. And no one talks about it,” she wrote.

“When I think of fossil fuel, I don’t think of pollution… I think of… organized terrorism and I think of demolished democracies at the hands of the West,” she wrote in a separate post in November 2020.

While accusing the West of “organized terrorism” in regard to purportedly fueling the climate crisis, the UN adviser cast doubt on the term used by the West for actions by Islamist groups.

“Why is it that when non-white nations stand up against bombing, and pillaging of natural resources that they are immediately vilified. and that vilification is attributed to an innate problem in their psyche, or concept of living known as religion,” she posted in April 2021. “There is a reason why the phrase Islamic terrorism is only 60ish years old. This vocabulary was invented to justify covert Western imperialism.”