Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Mike Gallagher’s Early Exit From Congress

by Pilar Melendez at


Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene unleashed on her Republican colleague Mike Gallagher on Saturday, calling his decision to resign from Congress next month “an intentional betrayal.”

“He should be expelled if he refuses to leave immediately in order to allow his district to hold a special election to elect a representative so that their district can have a voice for the remainder of the 118th Congress!,” Greene said about the Wisconsin congressman on X. “Leaving after the deadline is intentional betrayal!”

The rebuke comes just one day after Gallagher, who previously said he would not run for re-election, released a statement announcing that he would resign from Congress on April 19. Gallagher’s decision to leave on that date also means that there will not be a special election to fill his seat. Under Wisconsin state law, seat vacancies that occur after the second Tuesday in April are voted on in the general election in November instead of a special election. That means Gallagher’s seat will remain empty until January.