Another RINO bites the congressional dust, or is something more sinister going on?

by Andrea Widburg at

News broke today that Rep. Mike Gallagher (RINO-WI) is leaving the house well before his term ends. He’ll join former Representatives Kevin McCarthy and Ken Buck, both of whom bowed out before their terms ended. I can think of four reasons for a politician to bow out early: necessity, pique, changed alliances, and one other thing more sinister than the other three.

As of January 2023, Republicans had a very narrow majority in the House. After the rebellion against Kevin McCarthy, the latter, in a fit of pique, withdrew on October 3, 2023, long before finishing his term, diminishing the Republican majority.

Then, the Republicans, proving that they truly are the stupid party, decided to show their “moral superiority” by kicking out Rep. George Santos. Yes, Santos is an odd bird, but he wasn’t so bad that he needed to be tossed. Doing so shrank that slender majority still more.

Last week, Rep. Ken Buck, a RINO’s RINO from Colorado, withdrew from the House, announcing that he was leaving effective yesterday. That means that there’ll be a special election for his replacement at the end of June. In Colorado, that’s not a good thing and could well mean a Democrat goes to Congress in his place.