FNC’s Compagno: As a Republican, I Am ‘Sick and Tired’ of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Tantrum’

by PAM KEY at breitbart.com

Fox News host Emily Compagno said Friday on “Outnumbered’” that as a Republican, she was “sick and tired” of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) for her attempt to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), which she called a “tantrum.”

Compagno said, “I feel like we are seeing yet another tantrum by a tiny faction of that conference that is disrupting the entire machine that we just exhaustively waited for to get back on track. And here were are again; watching someone steal the time, steal the audio, steal the limelight, steal the attention. She says we should have our attention on the illegals steaming across the border on a million other things — no or attention is on you while you gave a presser.”

She continued, “I am sick and tired of it as a Republican and as an American citizen I want them to get to work. I love Speaker Johnson. Who would be better than him MTG? What is your plan?”