BREAKING: Hunter Biden was Involved with CIA in Ukraine – Led to Trump-Russia Lies and Deep State Assault on Trump – Mike Benz Video


Deep State expert Michael Benz says Hunter Biden is untouchable because he was working on a CIA project in Ukraine.

Is this also why President Trump was tied to Russia and impeached for looking into the Biden family’s actions and illicit deals with Ukraine?

Michael Benz unloaded some incredible facts about the deep State recently in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

Then, Mike Benz reported that the CIA was heavily involved in Ukraine. This was in response to a report from the New York Times showing that the CIA was all over Ukraine.

On Thursday night, Benz released a new video clip arguing that that Hunter Biden was advancing a CIA project in Ukraine to swing the natural gas market towards NATO and that’s why he’s untouchable.

Mike Benz: I just have to break this down in a video to make it perfectly plain and clear to people what’s happening with Hunter Biden and the CIA. Why was I saying a year and a half ago that the reason Hunter Biden is untouchable by the Justice Department is because he was part of a CIA operation. Multiple ones, actually.