WATCH: Former Trump Official Demands “Forensic Examination” Of J6 Committee’s Phones And Computers Over Alleged Evidence Destruction

by Will Tanner at

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo” program, former Trump Administration official Kash Patel argued that there needs to be an in-depth, forensic examination of the phones and computers of former members of the J6 Select Committee. His basis for that was that members of the committee allegedly destroyed, hid, or otherwise made inaccessible evidence gathered by the Select Committee.

As background, Rep. Loudermilk chaired the House Administration Oversight Subcommittee that investigated the J6 Select Committee. He alleges that members of the committee hid evidence from his investigators by destroying it or not providing passwords to locked devices containing the interviews, transcripts, and other forms of evidence.

Patel’s comments on “Sunday Morning Futures” about the need for an investigation came when host Maria Bartiromo asked him about what happened. She asked, “I want to get your take on what happened in terms of the January 6 committee cache because you’ve written an op ed on this and it appears that Liz Cheney and the committee, the January 6 committee, edited out some important key information to tell us about that day.

Patel, in response, alleged, “You’re absolutely right. And it’s a tragedy for Americans because they’ve been deprived of the truth. Just like the FBI and the DNC in Russiagate, who lied and withheld information of innocence to a federal judge to unlawfully surveil Donald Trump, Liz Cheney, and Cassidy Hutchinson have been caused been caught doing the same thing.