Watch: Enraged Homeowner Arrested After Squatters Raid Her $1M House

by Adelle Nazarian at

A property owner in Queens, New York, was arrested on Feb. 29 following a dispute with squatters residing in a $1 million home she inherited and owns the deed to from her late parents.

The incident unfolded when Adele Andaloro, determined to sell the property, contacted the police to remove the squatters from her home and discovered the squatters had changed the home’s front door and locks, leading the situation to turn against her, WABC-TV reported.

In an attempt to reclaim her property, she arranged for the locks on her home to be changed, an action that led to a heated exchange, which was caught on camera and culminated in her arrest.

According to New York law, squatters are considered legal tenants and have rights in New York after living at a property for just 30 days.

Andaloro’s attempt to forcibly evict the squatters from her property resulted in her arrest for unlawful eviction.

As such, authorities took her into custody, citing a breach of New York laws that favors the rights of squatters over those of the property owner.