Trudeau’s Liberal Government Paid TikTok From Public Purse To Blatantly Defame And Demonize Conservatives

by Judi McLeod at

Yes you read the above headline right—Canada’s WEF-controlled, tyrannical Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid millions in Canadian taxpayers’ money—including thousands to a Toronto pundit who went after Conservatives in a series of disgustingly profane and crude TikToks:

“Records show Canadian Heritage paid thousands of dollars to a Toronto pundit who disparaged Conservatives in a series of profane TikToks, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. (Western Standard, March 18, 2024)

“Dylan Horner will be required to come to Ottawa to create content on Canada Day programming,” said Canadian Heritage in a document.

“Dylan Horner will have special backstage access to produce behind-the-scenes content but will need to be accompanied by a member of Department of Canadian Heritage staff.”

“Documents indicated Horner was the best paid of any social media influencer subsidized by Canadian Heritage in 2022. They showed he was paid $9,000 plus expenses for a brief appearance in Ottawa.

“Canadian Heritage said expenses included “two round trip train tickets from Toronto to Ottawa with Via Rail Canada and three nights’ stay in a hotel room at the Delta Ottawa.” The cost of the expenses were not disclosed.
“Horner said Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre should shut up.

“Shut the f*ck up,” he said.

“This is exactly why you can’t trust Conservatives.”