Exclusive: Trump Considers Campaign Stop at Mothballed Virginia Factory to Highlight Biden’s ‘Made in America’ Screwups

via breitbart.com

PALM BEACH, Florida — Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News exclusively he is considering taking up an offer for a tour from the CEO of a Virginia factory that is not producing anything right now because Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration screwed up Trump’s “Made in America” initiatives.

“Sure,” Trump said in a 90-minute exclusive interview when asked if he would consider visiting a facility owned by Blue Star NBR in southwest Virginia.

Blue Star’s CEO Scott Maier told Breitbart News recently that he would welcome Trump to come tour the facility his company built in Virginia, a place that is currently “mothballed” because the Biden administration mishandled initiatives started under Trump’s presidency.

Blue Star was created to manufacture nitrile gloves domestically. The nation goes through tens of billions of nitrile gloves every year as healthcare providers, law enforcement and first responders, food handlers, and producers of high-end technology all wear them regularly. As Breitbart News and other outlets have reported, it became clear during the Trump administration at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic that none of these gloves were made in America and the supply chain was completely dependent on foreign production of them. During the Biden presidency, too, the percentage of imports of these gloves from Communist China has increased exponentially, a trend that may have the majority of gloves being imported from the Chinese Communist Party by the end of this year.