Trump Is A Galloping Certainty And The Left Isn’t Half As Clever As They Credit Themselves

by Charles Martel at

Hello, this is Charles Martel coming to you from Florida and bringing down the hammer for the Canada Free Press, because without America, there is no freedom. Regular listeners will easily recall that I’ve mentioned a number of times that Joe Biden will not be the Dem presidential candidate in 2024. How could he be? His policies have failed us; he is massively unpopular; and an enormous percentage of the country finds him too old, frail, and decrepit for any job beyond occasionally sweeping off his front porch, let alone president of the United States. And yet…And yet…

The left’s hemorrhaging of Hispanic and black voters

Despite hand wringing and complaints and some coordinated media panty soiling, it appears that against all odds, the Dems are going to run Biden. I have to repeat it because it defies belief: The Dems are going to run Joe Biden. It’s the most astonishing thing I’ve ever beheld in American politics. It’s as if I’m watching a man cover his body in bacon grease and then jump into a lake filled with hungry alligators. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m happy to watch the result, it’s just I don’t understand this level of risible stupidity.