Adobe ‘Firefly’ Becomes Latest AI Tool Accused of Rewriting Racial History

by Jason Walsh at

Adobe’s artificial intelligence tool, Firefly, has become the latest to be accused of making racist alterations to official history.

The Daily Mail and Semafor made the discovery after making similar prompts which exposed Google Gemini’s rewriting of racial history last month.

The Daily Mail reported:

“When asked to picture Vikings, they made the Norsemen black, and in scenes showing the Founding Fathers, both black men and women were inserted into roles.”

“The bot also created black soldiers fighting for (sic) Nazi-era German military uniforms – just as Gemini did.”

Google paused its AI chatbot’s image generation feature after it was accused of racism.

The chatbot refused to generate images of white people after Daily Wire writer, Frank Fleming, asked the chatbot for such images.

“You can create captivating images in seconds with Gemini Apps,” Google said.

“From work, play, or anything in between, Gemini Apps can help you generate images to help bring your imagination to life. … To create image, users can write simple prompts for the AI bot, with Google recommending these begin with words like draw, generate, and create.”

“New game: Try to get Google Gemini to make an image of a Caucasian male. I have not been successful so far,” Fleming wrote Tuesday on X.