O’Keefe Media Group: Transgender Secretary of Defense Employee Argues For Open Borders, Repealing Second Amendment, Abolishing Electoral College (VIDEO)

by Cristina Laila by thegatewaypundit.com

O’Keefe Media Group released a video of a transgender Secretary of Defense employee who argued for open borders, repealing the Second Amendment, abolishing the Electoral College.

Jason Beck, Associate Director in the Office of the Secretary of Defense said, “Why not just have an open border?” “Tear down the wall.”

Beck said the National Guard should be mobilized to help confiscate firearms.

“I think we should repeal the Second Amendment and take the guns all away!” said Jason Beck, who has a classified security clearance and works for the Department of Defense.

Per James O’Keefe:

Beck, who uses a fake name Aiden Grey in his meetings with a disguised James O’Keefe, describes his extremist policies, including “mobilizing the national guard” to confiscate guns from people’s homes. Beck says he wants a “monopoly on state violence,” a concept he describes as “‘We {the government), are the only ones with guns.”

Jason Beck works in Total Force Requirements & Sourcing Policy in the Office of SecDef Lloyd Austin. This office oversees the Department of Defense and acts as the principal defense policy maker and adviser to the President of the United States. Beck says he helps “writes answers for testimony” of “the department’s senior leadership – basically they go over to the Hill for hearings on the department’s posture.”

In this shocking footage, we get an INSIDE look as Jason Beck tells James O’Keefe, “we need to pack the Supreme Court,” ban the United States Senate, and abolish the Electoral College. He also discusses his “bottom surgery’ being painful and the changes to his plumbing.