“GENOCIDE JOE” Biden Heckled At Atlanta Rally

by Kaley at w ltreport.com

Joe Biden held a rally in Atlanta, GA today.

Hardly anybody showed up…except for some pro-Palestine protestors, it seems.

Shortly after beginning his speech, Biden was quickly interrupted as a man in the crowd called out, “What are you going to do, genocide Joe? Tens of thousands of Palestinians are dead!”

Before Biden could respond, the crowd broke out in an uproar. When it finally quieted down, Biden said, “I don’t resent his passion.”

Fox News commented on the interruption during Biden’s speech:

At the Pullman Yards rally in Georgia’s capital city, Biden was quickly interrupted shortly after he began his speech by a screaming protester.

“What are you going to do, genocide Joe,” the protester yelled. “Tens of thousands of Palestinians are dead.”

Before Biden was able to deliver a response to the protester, rally-goers began chanting, “Four more years! Four more years!”

According to FOX 5, the protester was dragged out by Secret Service personnel.

After the crowd settled down, Biden said that he does not “resent his passion.”