Criminal Probe Launched Into Death of Mitch McConnell’s Sister-In-Law

by Jon Dougherty at Authorities have launched an investigation into the death of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law after she was found dead in a vehicle that was submerged in a pond near Austin, Texas. “This incident was not a typical accident,” the Blanco County Sheriff’s Office reportedly wrote in a letter to Texas Attorney […]

The Ads Cometh

by Anthony Watts at A few weeks ago I mentioned that some big changes would be coming to WUWT in this post titled Thanks, and the Future for WUWT. Thanks to everyone for their support! One of the upcoming changes that I didn’t mention in that post is that we are forced to move to […]

Lawsuit: Big Media and Big Tech conspired to block COVID news

by DONNA KING at An antitrust lawsuit was filed this week against legacy media giants and Big Tech companies that alleges they had a collusive agreement to shut down anti-vaccine coverage during the height of the COVID pandemic. Antitrust? Yes. Plaintiffs allege that a partnership called the Trusted News Initiative, formed by the Associated Press, Reuters, […]