After Crushing Defeat of Irish Referendum Pushed by Leftists, Government Minister Asks if NGOs are “Representative of Society”

by Margaret Flavin at

On Friday, Irish voters delivered a knock-out blow to the radical left by defeating a referendum aimed at “modernizing” the country’s constitution.
The crushing defeat of the attempt to erase women and devalue motherhood has left Irish politicians and pundits scratching their heads at how they misread the room so spectacularly.
The changes to the 39th amendment, the family amendment, were rejected by 67 percent of voters, while in the ‘care referendum,’ the no vote stands at almost 74 percent.Voter turnout was almost three times higher for those voting to reject the changes.

On Saturday, Fine Gael Minister of State Peter Burke, who pushed a ‘Yes’ vote, said the government will have to consider how much the views of campaigning NGOs actually “reflect” those of wider society.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Saturday with Colm Ó Mongáin show, Burke addressed the large number of NGOs pushing the rejected ‘Yes’ vote.