Liberals Start Nudging Aging Supreme Court Justice Toward The Door As Possible Second Trump Admin Looms


Some liberals are beginning to publically voice the opinion that 69-year old Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor should retire before the election to open up her seat for a younger Democratic appointee.

Enabling President Joe Biden to appoint a younger liberal justice now would head-off the possibility of a 7-2 conservative majority, should former President Donald Trump return to the White House in 2024, multiple liberal columnists argued this week. The arguments echo similar calls from early last year, when Politico reported some Democrats close to the Biden administration are of the same opinion, though they remained unwilling to suggest publicly that the “first Latina justice” should step down to secure her seat for the party.

“You’re worried about putting control of the court completely out of reach for more than a generation, but you can’t criticize an official who’s putting your entire policy project at risk because she is Hispanic?” Republican-turned-Democrat writer Josh Borro wrote Monday. “If this is how the Democratic Party operates, it deserves to lose.”