Wyoming MassResistance publicly rebukes RINO State House establishment’s leftist talking points against pro-family legislation.

via massresistance.org

Conservatives in nearly a dozen Western “red” states are fuming about this: Even when there’s a super-majority of Republicans in their state legislature, it’s difficult to pass common-sense pro-family bills that the Left opposes. It seems a lot of Republican legislators, especially in leadership, are covert liberals – and the voters have not paid sufficient attention. This phenomenon has even gotten national press.

It’s a particular problem in Wyoming, where the legislature has only 8 Democrats out of 93 members. Wyoming voters recently booted RINO Liz Cheney from Congress, but the State House is still full of traitors to the GOP.

What’s going on in the minds of these phony Republicans? Too many of them started out ideologically muddle-headed, and then bought into the leftist talking points. Unfortunately, not enough citizens confront that rubbish. But Wyoming MassResistance decided to step up!