The Age of the Liar

by Ray DiLorenzo at

Like everyone who is alive and breathing, I have come across some very talented liars in my lifetime, much of it later in life. I wish for them the karma they deserve, but most of them don’t come close to the liars that work for the government, specifically those on the Left.

So, what do liberals lie about? Everything—everything that serves their purpose. This is not your normal political distortion. This is something else. It has a concerted determination. There is power and evil behind it. Reality is twisted. They insist that what you see is not the truth. They lie with aplomb, confidence, boldness, and authority.

Biden’s SOTU speech was a personification of their lies.

It has caused many people to either retreat inward or escape to a friendlier place. In the political world, it would be a Red state, where freedom still exists. But, still, like Victor Davis Hanson says, “They can find you.”

Biden’s SOTU speech was a personification of their lies. Yelling and screaming will never convince anyone. Their lies and ‘righteous indignation’ is wearing thin.