Exclusive – Republicans Rip Biden for Erecting Fence Around Capitol While Border Is Wide Open

b BRADLEY JAYE at breitbart.com

Congressional Republicans are incensed that President Biden would erect a wall around the U.S. Capitol for his State of the Union address while Americans are suffering from his open-border, pro-illegal immigration policies.

Breitbart News spoke with several members of Congress on Thursday who expressed bewilderment at Biden’s tone-deaf wall construction. Federal authorities constructed temporary fencing around the U.S. Capitol Building the night before Biden’s speech.

“The President wants to put artificial fencing around this institution, but he’s not willing to actually secure our southern border, Rep. Stephanie Bice (R-OK) told Breitbart News. It’s sort of a juxtaposition there. You’re willing to secure yourself but not others. And I think that speaks volumes.”

Republicans pointed to Laken Riley’s recent murder allegedly by a Venezuelan national who crossed the border under Biden’s watch. Riley’s murder has ignited national fury over the horrific consequences of Biden’s border policies.

“What is going on on our southern border is something that simply cannot be ignored whether you’re a Republican or Democratic, a conservative or a liberal. It doesn’t matter,” said Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY). “What we see coming across that border is catastrophic.”

Congressional Republicans also called out Democrats’ hypocrisy for hiding behind the safety of a wall while inviting migrants to illegally cross our border into American communities.