CAIR Angry That Girl Scouts Prohibited Missouri Troop From Fundraising For ‘Gaza Children’ In Violation of Rules

by Fuzzy Slippers at

The Girl Scouts of America is the latest group to be infiltrated and attacked by anti-Israel / pro-Hamas sentiment and demands.

A troop in Missouri was fund-raising supposedly for the children of Gaza under the auspices of the Girl Scouts of America, a clear violation of Girl Scout rules, so the local GSA chapter sent a warning to stop or face legal action. So far, so good.

The troop’s leader, Nawal Abuhamdeh, disbanded the Girl Scout troop rather than stop raising money for Gaza. Also fine.

The national GSA issued a weak as water statement trying to smooth things over, so of course, the pro-Hamas crowd smelled blood in the water and pounced.

Nothing is ever enough for the radical left. Give them the whiff of an apology, and they will lay out a list of demands. This is why you never apologize.

And it wasn’t enough for Abuhamdeh to just break off and do her own thing, so now she and a handful of Hamas-supporting Girl Scout troop leaders are actually demanding an apology from GSA and a change of the organization’s national policy that permits fundraising for “humanitarian aid.”