Democrats are nowhere to be seen ahead of 14th Amendment SCOTUS case


Democrats don’t really want to talk about the case that could throw Donald Trump off the ballot.

No legal challenge in the country presents a more direct threat to Trump’s political future than the one the nation’s high court is hearing Thursday. The court will decide whether Trump is eligible to be president again — or whether his role in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack bars him from office.

Republicans have rallied behind the former president, arguing that he should not be disqualified for a whole litany of reasons — or even more bluntly that Trump bears no responsibility for what happened three years ago. But Democrats — even when pressed — have been reluctant to weigh in.

Not a single sitting Democratic member of Congress, governor, state attorney general or secretary of state filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court — submissions from parties not involved in the case to tell the court where they stand — advocating for Trump to be removed.

And there was no organized effort by Democrats on Capitol Hill to weigh in on the case. Individual members generally said they felt that the case had merit, but met the lack of party response with a shrug.