IN CANADA, you can now be fined $70,000 for online hate speech, but in-the-street hate speech against Jews is free!


The centrepiece of this initiative is the proposed Online Harms Act would raise “the maximum punishments for the four hate propaganda offenses from 5 years to life imprisonment for advocating genocide and from 2 years to 5 years for the others when persecuted by way of indictment.” Among the categories of harmful content identified in the act are materials that incite violent extremism or terrorism, promote violence, or foment hatred.
Anybody will also be able to file complaints against others for “posting hate speech online” that is discriminatory against protected categories such as gender, race, disability and others.
TNC Coun. James Pasternak, a lone wolf who has In trying to put an end to the now almost daily antisemitic events, Coun. James Pasternak asked at council last week that the city manager develop a “policy framework for the management of rallies and protests” that would follow the city’s Human Rights and Anti-Harassment policy.
In other words, these are the kinds of behaviours – on steroids – that Jews and non-Jews alike have endured from the anti-Israel terrorist sympathizers since Oct. 7.