Democrats Nervous as Supreme Court to Soon Hear Several Major Cases on Leftist Issues

by Nick R. Hamilton at

The United States Supreme Court is scheduled to hear several major cases over the next couple of months that will have a direct impact on multiple issues promoted by the Democrats.

Democrats are growing increasingly nervous about how the justices may ultimately rule as oral arguments will be heard over the next two months.

Those cases run a gamut of various issues that include abortion, climate regulations, gun control, and social media censorship, Utah’s Deseret News reported.

Left unmentioned by that outlet, but arguably just as consequential, is a case that involves hundreds of Jan. 6 Capitol protest defendants and the prosecution of President Donald Trump.

There is also another case that involves a government official threatening consequences against entities in New York State that associate with a national organization that protects fundamental individual rights.

The first case on the list is Ohio v. EPA, which was consolidated with three other similar challenges against an Environmental Protection Agency pollution rule that was imposed unilaterally by the federal agency on a handful of states without consideration of the objections of those and other states.

The key question at issue is whether the EPA’s rule can be allowed to go into effect despite the multiple challenges against it from a collection of states, impacted industries, and trade associations.